Stephen Shore Lookout Hotel

Lookout Hotel, Ogunquit, Maine, July 16, 1974

fabien souche – la plage

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(The beach)

Puzzles sur carton, cadre
Puzzles on cardboard, frame
50 x 42 cm – 2007

Private collection – Guignes/France


Félix González-Torres Untitled (Ross and Harry)

Untitled (Ross and Harry) 1991 C-Print jigsaw puzzle in plastic bag

Peter Miller – Nowhereplace-like home

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Nowhereplace-like home, adjusted puzzle, 8.5″ x 11″, 20×30 cm, 2009

The word ‘Utopia’ means: nowhere-place.

François Szabowski

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the glue society creative collective – the missing piece

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forming part of the australia project ’the missing piece’ of 2010 – which set out to provoke debate about the current state of the nation- is a jigsaw puzzle sculpture. it was transported around the country and photographed in various empty landscapes. its aim to suggest something significant is missing from our everyday culture.


Jean-Marc Mathieu-Lajoie – Naufrage

2002, casse-tête Falcon, 184×115 cm, prêt de l’artiste; crédit photographique:

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Daniel Webby – Costa Concordia

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Daniel Webby, Costa Concordia, 2012, jigsaw puzzle pieces, clay, plaster, cardboard, aluminium prop. Photo: Xin Cheng


Daniel Webby‘s sculptures are more opaque in their intention, and less retinally alluring. His works are ‘raw’ in the sense that they emphasise the rough unpainted surfaces of the materials used and focus on creative thinkers like Buckminster Fuller (there is bamboo geodesic dome that contains a lecture space for social interaction) and Jean Luc Godard.

Godard’s 2010 film Socialism features the luxury liner Costa Concordia that later got wrecked off the coast of Italy. This ship provides the name for one of Webby’s sculptures, a precariously propped up ‘screen’ made of thick plaster and clay. One side is of curved and bulbous wave shapes that look like combed ice cream or crunchy meringue. Its back has embedded in its surface assorted pieces of a jigsaw, some connected and ‘legible’, of what looks like Mt. Fuji.

There is an implication here that just as one day Mt. Fuji, a volcano, will re-erupt, so will the extravagant lifestyle that luxury liners like the Costa Concordia and Titanic represent inevitably collapse. In other words, another bloody communist revolution is a palpable reality – not a fanciful pipe dream.



50 cm x 70 cm

Blue piece(s) and Green piece(s) are two puzzles composed only by blue and green pieces respectively. Each one had been put together assembling pieces subtracted from 8 different natural landscapes puzzles. These puzzles were industrially produced using the same die-cut so their parts are interchangeable.

Robert Gonsalves

source :–1781


ANDREA CANEPA – Orange Piece(s)

Dominique Blais – RUSHMORE MOUNT

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Puzzle (jan 2005)

Kerri Reid – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I found a piece of a puzzle on a sidewalk in Toronto, and I attempted to return it to its owner by making a “found” poster and posting it on the street where I found the piece.  No one ever responded, though, and the poster was completely gone after just a few days.

I also made 10 replicas of the puzzle piece, painted in acrylic on cardboard, seen here as exhibited in Material Concerns at the Centres des arts actuels Skol in Montreal in 2008.

In 2009 I painted a 35 x 35” acrylic painting depicting how I found the puzzle piece, and I cut a hole in my painting for the original found piece to fit into, thus completing the puzzle.  I then cut up the painting in to puzzle pieces, put it in a box, and left it in a thrift store in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Documentation of this was shown in Small Things Forgotten, a project for the Southern Alberta Art Gallery’s “Into the Streets: Avenues for Art” 2009 exhibition series.

Agnès Varda – Cinq Bacheliers

Cinq Bacheliers 2014 Digital composition printed on magnetized parts of puzzle 170 x 350 cm / 66,9 x 137,7 in

Source :  Nathalie Obadia – Agnès Varda

Shane Lavalette

Jigsaw Puzzle, Lookout Hotel, Ogunquit, Maine © Stephen Shore

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Paul Souviron – Effet spécial

Paul Souviron Effet spécial, 2014
Paul Souviron – Effet spécial, 2014 – XPO GALLERY

Alexander McQueen SS 2001 jigsaw puzzle

by : Alexander McQueen

source : thevirginscrew

Al Souza

by : moody gallery Al-Souza

Al Souza has been making mosaics from jigsaw puzzles for a while now, but these are his best yet.

The thicker buildup of puzzle pieces (five and six layers deep) give these new works at Moody Gallery a satisfying heft, helped along by deep boxlike aluminum frames which confine their riotously reticulated surfaces. Souza has also replaced the old thrift-shop puzzles he used to gather with brighter, less nostalgic new puzzles pieced together by an informal squad of puzzle assemblers.

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Kent Rogowski

by : Kent Rogowski

Love=Love is a series of collages that were created using pieces of over 60 store bought puzzles. Although puzzle pieces are unique, and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are sometimes interchangeable within a brand. These puzzles were cut using the same die, but depict unrelated images.
Using only the flowers and skies from each of the puzzles, I created a series of entirely
new compositions by recombining the puzzle pieces. These spectacular, fantastical and surreal landscapes sit in direct contrast to the banal and bucolic images of the original puzzles.
All montages in this series are untitled.

16×20″ (original puzzles)
30×40″ & 40×50″ Pigment Prints

Matt Johnson

by : Matt Johnson

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