David Maroto – Illusion – Disillusion

source : http://davidmaroto.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/illusion-disillusion/

Solo exhibition in Artium, museum of contemporary art of Vitoria (Spain)

the glue society creative collective – the missing piece

source : http://www.designboom.com


forming part of the australia project ’the missing piece’ of 2010 – which set out to provoke debate about the current state of the nation- is a jigsaw puzzle sculpture. it was transported around the country and photographed in various empty landscapes. its aim to suggest something significant is missing from our everyday culture.


Antoine Gonzalez – Décomposition

source : http://antoinegonzalez.over-blog.com/pages/Decomposition_2009-1221385.html


Décomposition. 2009. Installation Pièces. puzzle. 0,7×1,20m

Composition de sept différents puzzle trouvés dans une ancienne usine désaffectée ayant eu pour derniers locataires l’association emmaüs. Vision d’un jeux casse-tête devenu reconstitution impossible.

john wood and paul harrison – Jigsaw

source : http://harrisonandwood.com/#/j/jigsaw/


Laurent Mareschal – a peu de choses pres


Naomi Fisher

by : naomi fisher studio