Yann Sérandour – Convergence

Yann Sérandour
Convergence, 2009-2013

Magazine, puzzle, carton de conservation, capot plexiglas (97 x 67 x 5 cm)

En 1964, l’éditeur américain Springbok reproduisait le tableau de Jackson Pollock Convergence (1952) sous la forme d’un puzzle vendu alors comme « The World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle ». En septembre 1972, Lawrence Alloway signait dans le magazine Artforum l’article « Network: The Art World Described as a System » illustré par un fragment de ce même puzzle. L’œuvre devient ici le plateau de jeu sur lequel le puzzle original est réassemblé autour des morceaux reproduits sur la page. Y convergent les objets à travers lesquels l’art d’une époque se distribue et se consomme, se commente et s’échange.

Daniel Webby – Costa Concordia

source : http://eyecontactsite.com/2012/09/trio-as-of-limit


Daniel Webby, Costa Concordia, 2012, jigsaw puzzle pieces, clay, plaster, cardboard, aluminium prop. Photo: Xin Cheng


Daniel Webby‘s sculptures are more opaque in their intention, and less retinally alluring. His works are ‘raw’ in the sense that they emphasise the rough unpainted surfaces of the materials used and focus on creative thinkers like Buckminster Fuller (there is bamboo geodesic dome that contains a lecture space for social interaction) and Jean Luc Godard.

Godard’s 2010 film Socialism features the luxury liner Costa Concordia that later got wrecked off the coast of Italy. This ship provides the name for one of Webby’s sculptures, a precariously propped up ‘screen’ made of thick plaster and clay. One side is of curved and bulbous wave shapes that look like combed ice cream or crunchy meringue. Its back has embedded in its surface assorted pieces of a jigsaw, some connected and ‘legible’, of what looks like Mt. Fuji.

There is an implication here that just as one day Mt. Fuji, a volcano, will re-erupt, so will the extravagant lifestyle that luxury liners like the Costa Concordia and Titanic represent inevitably collapse. In other words, another bloody communist revolution is a palpable reality – not a fanciful pipe dream.

Antoine Gonzalez – Décomposition

source : http://antoinegonzalez.over-blog.com/pages/Decomposition_2009-1221385.html


Décomposition. 2009. Installation Pièces. puzzle. 0,7×1,20m

Composition de sept différents puzzle trouvés dans une ancienne usine désaffectée ayant eu pour derniers locataires l’association emmaüs. Vision d’un jeux casse-tête devenu reconstitution impossible.

john wood and paul harrison – Jigsaw

source : http://harrisonandwood.com/#/j/jigsaw/


Stanislav Akinfin – Puzzlus

source : http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/puzzlus/

Puzzlus is a puzzle-looking jigsaw puzzle.

Ravensburger – Krypt 15 964 2

Krypt #15 964 2 by Ravensburger

this puzzle is 100% silver.

It spirals from the center out and then is squared off at the sides.

654 pieces, 20″x27″

marina noronha – i miss you ring

source : http://www.designboom.com/design/marina-noronha-i-miss-you-ring/


Katrin Sonnleitner – Western Persian

Salone Satellite Milano 2008


Rupert McKelvie – Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces by Rupert McKelvie


Date: 2012

Client: Limited Editions

Katrin Sonnleitner – Persian Rug And Puzzle

Puzzle Persian Rug And Puzzle Doilies By Katrin Sonnleitner


Ivan Argote – Piece

source : http://search.it.online.fr/BIGart/?p=520

Michaela Meise

source : http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com/2011/03/michaela-meise-at-grazer-kunstverein/

Sara Huete – collage

source : http://elsindromedediogenes.blogspot.co.uk/2008/06/sara-huete.html

Franck david – puzzles

Franck david


Cinta Vidal Agullo – puzzles


Small paintings. 2010

Franck Thilliez – puzzle

Pages : 430

Paru en : septembre 2013


Genre : thriller

Levi van Veluw – Portraits


Ballpoints | Puzzle | 2006
c-print mounted | 120 x 100 cm & 60 x 50 cm

RYAN GANDER – ‘…and their integrity was uncompromising’

Incomplete jigsaw puzzle, with 33% of its pieces missing
Edition of 15 with 8 AP’s

source : http://www.newarteditions.com/ryan-gander-integrity-uncompromising/

Laurent Mareschal – a peu de choses pres


RYAN GANDER – Let’s make this happen

2012 Partially assembled jigsaw 85 x 85 cm